How To

Watch these useful videos to help get the best results when laying Smartedge. 

Alternatively, you can follow these 10 simple steps to get great results.

1. For an established lawn, first cut the grass and cut your border shape, try to keep the cuts at right angles to your lawn, digging down to the depth of Smartedge i.e. 14cm. To avoid cutting your lawn back too far any gaps/holes on the lawn edge side of Smartedge can be filled with a mix of peat/sand and grass seed.

2. If your ground is dry or compacted we recommend watering before laying to make the insertion of pins easier. PREPARATION IS ALL IMPORTANT TO MAKE THE LAYING OF SMARTEDGE AS EASY AS POSSIBLE.

3.Unroll your Smartedge. The A-frames are folded against the inside edge. Ease the A-frames away from the inside edge to approximately 45°. DO NOT OVER-BEND AS THIS WILL STOP THE A-FRAMES FROM GRIPPING THE GRASS.

4. Locate Smartedge along the lawn edge, making sure the A-frames are biting onto your lawn.

5. To cut Smartedge use garden shears or scribe with a sharp knife and then sharply bend away from the cut. To avoid immovable obstacles trim as necessary.

6. Backfill and firm with your foot as you feed along the edge. To join lengths simply overlap and pin.

7. Insert the pins provided through the holes at the end of the A-frames where necessary to secure. The number of pins needed and where to place them will depend on the shape of your border and the surface of your lawn. In normal conditions it should only be necessary to pin every third or fourth A-frame. (Extra pins are available to purchase in packs of 150).

8. For newly sown and turfed lawns we recommend using temporary wood pegs to anchor and hold Smartedge in place until the grass establishes.

9. If necessary tap along the top of Smartedge with a mallet or length of wood to help imbed the A-frames into your lawn.

10.Before mowing allow grass to grow through the A-frames. Check that none of the A-frames have been pushed up by broadleaf grass or similar. If so simply pin down.

If you require any further assistance with the laying of Smartedge or to order further product please contact your supplier in the first instance. Alternatively for further assistance or to comment on the product e-mail our technical support

Please be careful when handling the product. We recommend the use of gloves and protective goggles.

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